🏆 Who We Are

Check out the endless opportunities at Express Stores.

We get it.

You’re here to live your best life. We’re not here to get in the way of that. In fact, we’re totally on board with it.

We value what you value, which is why you’ll get what you deserve at Express Stores. What exactly does that mean? Check it 👇

If you’re ready to build a career unique to you, make a difference, and level up your lifestyle, then you’re in the right place.

The Tea on Express Stores

If you’ve made it this far, we’re guessing you fit the bill. But you’re probably wondering who we are.

Established in 2008, Express Stores is one of T-Mobile’s largest premium retailers. With 400 stores in 20 states, plus D.C., and headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and Boynton Beach, Florida, you’re sure to find us in your backyard. 

Our purpose is simple – provide unmatched customer service, equip our employees to live their best lives, and make an impact in the communities we serve. We’re dedicated to helping our customers stay connected with each other. That starts with you.

And at Express Stores, it really is all about you! That’s one reason why we reward our employees with things like competitive commissions and a ton of other perks. We want to equip and empower each of our team members to work toward their limitless potential.

Our HQ leaders keep in touch with our customer-focused teams – hint: that’s you – so that Express Stores continues to be the best place to earn, learn, and grow.

Express Stores
+ T-Mobile = 🥰

We love T-Mobile’s Un-carrier philosophy.

That’s why we give people access to America’s largest and fastest 5G network up and down the East Coast and in the Midwest. We want to be the best, so we only partner with the best.

👓 Our Vision

Express Stores fosters a culture of “People First” that’s grounded in transparent communication and people development.

How do we do that? Through hands-on leadership that encourages individuals to create a career they love. We believe in leading by example. We’re invested in your success and growth within our organization.

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🗣️ Our Leadership Team

🗣️ Our Leadership Team

Ryan Warner

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Siller

Chief Revenue Officer

Ash Bakre

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Levanchy

Chief Legal Officer

Bruce Neal

Senior Vice President of Store Support

Dennis Lattmann

Senior Vice President of People Experience

Daria LeMay

Vice President of Strategic Development

Phillip Speiser

Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

Andrea Sealey

Senior Director of Communications, Events, & People Development

David Tompkins

Senior Director of IT & Facilities

Pete Petrocelli

Senior Director of People Experience, Systems

Allison Decibus

Director of People Experience, Field

Aqeel Shahid

Director of Sales, Northeast

Jake Saunders

Director of Learning & Development

James Clark

Director of Sales, Mid-Atlantic

Jeff Warren

Business Sales Director

Jennifer Adams

Director of Talent Acquisition

Joanne Zambolla

Director of Finance

John Ricciardi

Director of Sales, North Atlantic

Mike Elmore

Director of Reporting and Analytics

Robert Keyser

Director of Sales, Sun Belt

Saleem Mdanat

Director of Sales, New England

Stephen Bitto

Director of Sales, Southeast

Tracilyn Kopf

Director of Leasing